Sharing Economy Income

Sharing Economy Income Calculator – How Much Can I Make?

Sharing Economy Income

At least on a daily basis, I get asked, “Glenn, what is the sharing economy income potential of X?” To which the answer is always, it depends! Which platforms do you plan on using, how many hours can you dedicate, and where do you live. These are all important factors in these types of calculations.

That said, there are some serious opportunities for sharing economy income. JP Morgan recently released a study where they noted that sharing economy workers were able to cushion their regular paychecks by an additional 15% through the sharing economy. Not too shabby!

So, how much can you potentially earn in the sharing economy? There’s now a calculator for that! We’ve spent months testing, re-testing, and focus grouping extremely scientific…Sorry, I’m totally lying. Two days at my favorite coffee shop and voila, the new Casual Capitalist sharing economy income calculator is ready.

A quick disclaimer about calculating potential sharing economy income. This is a tricky endeavor because it is dependent on where you live, how much time you have, how diligent you are, and many other non-quantitative factors.

Please understand that these are only rough estimations. So don’t go out upgrading your life or bring a print-out of this to your mortgage broker.

Have fun with this, and use it as a first step to uncovering what side hustling in the sharing economy can do for your financial situation.

Did we miss a particular sharing economy website? Of course we did, there are 100’s out there! Respond in the comments with any websites you would like included and we will do our best to add them in.

Happy calculating everyone!


The Sharing Economy Income Calculator


Interested in any of the above sharing economy websites? Here are specific resources to help you get started:

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The Financial Panther says July 26, 2016

Really great calculator, although I find some of the numbers are little high for what I earn. Might be useful to figure out a way to adjust for different markets. As an example, in the Midwest, you don’t quite make as much on Airbnb or Postmates.

    Glenn Carter says July 26, 2016

    Hey! Thanks so much for the comment, I totally get that your potential sharing income – particularly Airbnb – is highly dependent on your location. It’s a good idea to add a feature where you can input your market. But even then, within markets there is so much variation. I hope that this is useful as a first step only. After you do your calculation the real work starts!! I will keep this in mind though for our next iteration, it’s a great idea.

María says September 26, 2016

Totally love this post! I found many other great alternative to earn money with these kind of platforms. Even though many of them aren’t able in all the cities, you just take a look:

I would like to learn about the last alternative of this post 2 yrs ago:

And here, Vizeat surprised me a lot:

Emma Williams says March 14, 2017

hi Glenn – it would be awesome if you could include Portico Host in your list We’ve looked at how much you could earn in London through Airbnb in our latest post

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